Very (!) fresh chickens available tomorrow

A poultry farm started last spring as a means to ensure financial stability in a local community will be, ahem, serving up their fourth round of beautiful, high quality chickens tomorrow. Pape Gning has been heading up this project and oversees the monthly butchering, processing and sale of the chickens. They are sold whole, cleaned and without intestines for 3000-3500cfa per chicken.

Delivery is available in Dakar for a small fee.

Pape Gning (speaks English!): 77 327 9569

Review: La Pierre de Lisse


What do you say we call this one a ‘Dakar Eats vacation edition’? As you can tell from the photo, this little spot I want to review is not actually in the city of Dakar. Nope, it’s about 55km out (which converted to 1h15 drive time – thank you big, slow truck). Depending on who you ask, La Pierre de Lisse is located in Toubab Dialaw, Popenguine or at the turn-off for Yene. I think I have finally figures out that officially it is in the tiny little village of Ndayane. But what really matters is that there are LOTS of signs starting from the road to Saly and the turn-off to Yene, so you won’t get lost.


La Pierre de Lisse hotel & restaurant has been around for many years, but is one of those places that can still be considered a hidden treasure. I first heard about it six years ago, then it popped up on my radar again thanks to the CLO’s very helpful review.


We went for a day-trip, and it made for a perfect, quick get-away spot. Sundays are busiest, but not too crowded. Saturdays are more quiet, especially if you arrive before noon. For adults, a three-course meal with two choices for appetizer, four choices for entrée and two choices for dessert + pool/beach is 14,500cfa. For children up to age ten, an entrée and dessert + pool/beach is 8000cfa.


The menu options were fairly standard (lotte brochettes, grilled chicken, steak or gambas with the usual accompaniment options) and lunch service begins at 1pm. You can place your order when you arrive and they will call you to the restaurant when it’s ready. The service reminded me of Le Récife in Almadies: these guys have been doing it forever so there probably won’t be any glitches and all will go smoothly, but also not much room for flexibility. Not a problem, just an observation.


Just for info, day-rooms with AC are 30,000cfa, so a good option if you need a place for kids to nap or to get out of the sun. However we were there at the hottest time of the year and there was plenty of shade and the pool water was cool enough that we were very comfortable just hanging out by the water. Yay!


The ‘pool’ is actually four smaller pools linked together. It’s wonderful for kids, but also nice for adults since there is seating in the upper pools and a variety of depths to suit everyone, also a nice lap-swimming pool. The beach is one of the largest and cleanest I’ve seen in Senegal, again great for kids to play and run around safely.


So, day-trip anyone? We might just see you there…


I’m late to the Atac party. 

For months I’ve been hearing that I should go to Atac. And for months it’s been hot and gross and I haven’t had the energy to get out and explore a new option in my routine. 

Boy was that the wrong choice. 

I hopped in a taxi this morning and we took off for Point E, one of several Atac locations in Dakar including the very newly opened one in Virage. I had been there a whole three minutes and was still on aisle 1 when I realized my mistake. 

Nice quality, good selection, much cheaper. For pantry items such as crackers, juices, canned goods, cleaning products… so much cheaper than Casino or even CityDia. Like half the price on a fair number of my regular items. Plus I found myself buying things I normally wouldn’t (little breakfast ‘cookies’ for snacks, no-junk-added juice boxes, whipped cream for my coffee…) because they were actually a decent price. 

Note: Prices on the shelf are pre-tax, which is 18%. But even so…

It’s not where I would go for meat or cheese, but I buy don’t buy those at other grocery stores anyway. (Where, you ask? Basically La Boucherie Nouvelle, BeerSheba Project, Abdou, CDA for mozzarella in bulk and big wheels of Gouda from Saprolait.) 

Now here’s the thing… as soon as I posted that I had finally been to Atac and it was as great as everyone says, I started hearing that the one in Plateau near the port is a thousand times better and bigger selection. 😄

Beneen yoon, y’all. 

ATAC Supermarchés are currently located in Point E, Castors, Virage, Plateau. 

Trio Toque pop-up restaurant is back!

We are very pleased to let you know that our Dakar pop-up restaurant, Trio Toqué is now open for reservations for diner on October 15th, at 7:30 PM.

This diner will be prepared jointly by trio Toque and Abracabra Food. You can register by sending an email to indicating the number of guests, your choice of menu and your sitting preference. You will find the menu below. Details about the location of this month’s event will be sent to confirmed guests.

Please note that we make a special effort to prepare the multi-course meals using the freshest ingredient we purchase locally for our guests. As we can cook only for a limited number of persons, please assure your availability to participate prior to making your reservation.

We look forward to seeing you.

Kathryn, Jurgen, Isabelle et Michka

Cocktail & Amuse Bouche

Gaspacho de petits pois, chantilly à la menthe

Mediterranean tuna tartar
Mushrooms with lemon cashew spread on toasts (Vegetarian)

Vanilla shrimp with vegetables and polenta
Pork parmentier with pumpkin, hazelnut and chorizo crumble
Pineapple curry rice with cashews and moringa leaves, kale and coconut salads (Vegetarian)

Terrine of blue cheeses and salad

Chocolate tartlets with roasted clementine,

Coffee, Tea, Water

25,000 F CFA person
Service not included

NEW: Kidz Palace

If I ever retire and sell Dakar Eats for big bucks (haha), I will have to give a portion to Stan as a thank-you for his contributions. He finds places I’ve never even heard of and sends a complete review with photos and the menu. Awesome. 

Kidz Palace opened on September 24th. It is located in Hann Mariste at the Mariste Bridge round point.


The owner is Senegalese and spent several years in the Atlanta area. He attended GA State University, is very friendly and speaks fluent English. He shared that he is in the process of building a Kidz Palace near the VDN and Ancienne Piste in Mermoz. And, plans to build additional units in Abidjan, Bamako, Ouaga, and other West African capitals.

There are 5 floors:
· Ground floor – Kids’ toy store
· 2nd floor – Kids’ and adult clothes
· 3rd floor – Furniture showroom

I’m going to focus on the 4th and 5th floors as this is a food website. However, I can’t pass up showing photos of the 4th floor as that was the draw for our kids.

· 4th floor – Karting!
· 5th floor – Restaurant and Arcade

The restaurant on the 5th floor caters to kids for obvious reasons. We ordered Chicken Nuggets, Mini Pizza and Mini Quiche. Everything was good, though the nuggets were very processed. The fries were excellent! The pizzas took a while to come and so they offered each of us a free arcade game for the wait. Good customer service!


OK, back to the 4th floor!

They have managed to put a figure S Karting track inside the building. Great for the parents too as you are in air-conditioning! It is 2,000 cfa for 5 minutes. Seems targeted for 10 years old and younger. They do have a Kart that a parent can ride on with a younger child.

They are still working out birthday rates and possibly a 1-hour unlimited rate, which would make it more attractive to family budgets.

It is exciting to see something like this in Dakar. And in hot season, being indoors in air conditioning is wonderful. Definitely worth a trip! Go check it out. Many of the employees speak English.

Kidz Palace
Tel: 33-825-8584
Open from 10am until 9pm.
Parking out front.

An invitation from Maharaja Indian Restaurant 

The Indian community, family and friends are cordially invited to join the Maharaja for a Celebration of Navratri Festival.

The celebration will be held at Maharaja Restaurant on October 8th.

Maharaja Restaurant (Ngor Virage, Villa no-5, near Hotel Virage)
7pm to Midnight.
Aarti: 7:30pm
Celebration: Garba, Dandiya, Tombola
Dinner: 8:30pm to 10pm will feature a vegetarian menu and non-alcoholic drinks
Tickets: 10,000 CFA (required in advance and available at Maharaja Restaurant)

Prizes will be awarded for best dance and for best dress. Tombola tickets will be available at the venue. Do try your luck to win marvelous gifts!

We look forward to your presence as it will make the event successful!

For anyone wishing to contribute a tombola prize, please contact Maharaja before October 6th so that your name or business name can be included in the list of sponsors that will be given to invitees on arrival.

Please note that alcoholic drinks and smoking are strictly prohibited. Thank you for respecting these religious considerations.

For more information, please contact the restaurant.
Maharaja Restaurant: 338606163
Mr.Piyush / Mr.Anuj: 774656506 / 766061727
Mr.Raturi: 781232154

Recipe: Mocha Layer Cake

A hot-season recipe from a Dakar Eats reader… and going into my fridge. 😊 Thanks, Lauralyn!

“I thought I’d share one of my favorite ‘hot weather’ desserts with you. This mocha cake is unbelievably delicious. They will think you have slaved over it but it is SUPER easy and you don’t need to turn on your oven. No it’s not gluten free, no it’s not low calorie… but YES it is amazing.”


2 packages Petit Beurres cookies, available in most grocery stores and buutiks around Dakar
1 cup hot strongly brewed coffee

Mocha Buttercream Frosting

1 1/2 cups butter, softened
3 cups powdered sugar
4 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 Tablespoons instant Néscafé, dissolved in a splash of hot water


Mix frosting ingredients until completely smooth.

Pour hot coffee into a bowl. Quickly dip a cookie in the coffee. Place on serving plate. Make two rows of cookies, each with two cookies. Cover these six cookies with frosting. Repeat this five times until you have six layers. Cover tops and sides of the layers with frosting.

Cool in fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.

optional: Grate chocolate shavings on top before serving.

Voila, amazing rich yumminess!