Recipe: banana pudding icebox cake

This banana pudding icebox cake takes about 2 minutes to make. Seriously. And my kids love to help make it…and eat it!

Club Dolima vanilla artisanal yogurt (don’t waste your time with any other brand) spread on Petit Beurre cookies with lots of thin banana slices. 

Repeat three layers, ending with more yogurt. Refrigerate overnight. 

Serve with fresh mbouraké (sweetened ground peanuts) on top. Healthy, fast and yum!

NEW: L’Amuse Bouche

Do you read the Art of Manliness website? It’s one of my favorites. Keep reading to the end to find out what I learned recently and how it relates to a new resto in Mermoz!

From the same family as La Piazzola and San Miguel tapas in Mermoz comes L’Amuse Bouche, a full service restaurant offering dine-in, take-out and delivery for pizzas, salads, seafood and more.


What really interested me was their large selection of ‘amuse bouche’ plates in the 3000-4000cfa range that include carpaccio, mini-brochettes, cheese selection, bruchettas, etc… Perfect for a casual evening out with friends, entertaining at home or while watching Gilmore Girls🙂

Vegetarians, this is definitely a restaurant you’re going to want to follow on Facebook. In addition to their standard vegetarian menu, they will occasionally offer a special vegetarian buffet, as they are this weekend.


We ordered three pizzas (they have pork!) this week and were very pleased with the ease for ordering and quick delivery. But here’s where they really started to shine for me. A while back my husband sent me a link from the Art of Manliness site on the BEST way to reheat pizza. The writer said he thought the pizzas were even better reheated using this method than they were fresh. L’Amuse Bouche pizzas are the perfect pies for this method. Oh. Wow. I was so glad that I ordered too much! The leftovers were even better. That five cheese pizza reheated on day 2 with a few pear slices… heaven.

We’ll be trying out some of the Amuse Bouche plates soon and will keep you posted!

L’Amuse Bouche
Mermoz Pyrotechnique
Tel: 77 850 9743

Dakar Farmers Market: Happy Holidays edition!


Mark your calendars then head to Marina Bay in Ngor this Saturday, December 3rd, 9am to 4pm. Bring your Christmas and grocery shopping lists and reusable shopping bags. (Or you can buy very nice ones there!)

Wondering which vendors will be featured at this event? They have a great line up so far. Here’s the list – and it’s growing! See their Facebook page or website for updates.

Special Holiday Vendors:

Nina & her little things: pottery
Queens of Africa: African barbies
Afrikmy: wax & leather accessories
Rafet Decor: wooden frames and home decor from recycled pirogues
Khady Couture: wax print handbags
Suufsi Teinture Naturelle: natural textiles
Malel: Kenyan sandals & woodin fabric
Belya: wax clothing & shoes
Funaangue: accessories & fashion items
Kaya: kid’s wear
Delt’Art Shop: baskets
Little Treasures: beads & jewelry
Amossa: necklaces

Small Organic Farms:

The Beer-Sheba Project
Taaru Askan Farm
Marché ASD Dakar ENDA
Sunu Tool
Sen Solar Farm
Passion et Nature

Poultry, seafood, meats & sausages:

Les Délices de la Mer
DPM Poultry Farm
Arindor Seafood
Sunu Tool
The Beer-Sheba Project

Barbecue & Grilled Sausages:

The Beer-Sheba Project
Food’iet Sandwicherie
Sunu Tool

Fresh Juices, Smoothies, SnoCones & Ice Cream:

Food’iet Sandwicherie
L’Equilibre Traiteur Ngor Dakar
La Maison du Fruit

International flavors:

Passion et Gourmandise Madagascar
Mister Lasagne
Wagokoro – Japanese Restaurant
Le Maroc au Senegal
Saveurs Palace
Tunisian Connection *NEW*
Yammy Traiteur *NEW*

Healthy Eating, Natural Supplements & Spices:

Abracadabra Magic Food
L’Equilibre Traiteur Ngor Dakar
Food’iet Sandwicherie
Pharmacie Besse
Les Delices de SARABA *NEW*

img_8512 The Dakar Farmers Market is a fresh, lively ocean-side event that pops up on the 1st Saturday of every month (Oct 2016-May 2017). They promote buying local and community wellness by bringing together over 70 vendors offering a wide range of high quality food products and natural cosmetics. This event has become a go-to meet-up spot for families, friends and colleagues from all over Dakar.

Abracadabra works lunch delivery magic

Last week I tried the Abracadabra lunch deliveries. I checked out the menu before the online ordering deadline, but couldn’t decide… so I ordered deliveries three days in a row.🙂 Sometimes I am unintentionally brilliant. Each day’s meal was different, filling and healthy. And I loved not having to stop in the middle of day to dig something halfway decent out of the fridge, but that was just an added bonus.

img_1533-1Abracadabra, Dakar’s first vegetarian home delivery service, is making a few changes. Starting this week…

– A lowered price of their basic meal to 4,000 CFA, plus now offering daily optional add-ons such as desserts or side salads. You can select these add-ons on the order form.

– Delivery to new locations and new routes. You pay delivery once for each stop, no matter how many orders — so tell your colleagues!
Ngor/Almadies: 500 CFA
Yoff, 500-1,000 CFA
Mamelles/Oukam/Mermoz 1,000 CFA
Fann 1,500 CFA
Hann 2,000 CFA
Plateau 2,000 CFA
(Other neighborhoods are possible – just ask.)

– Reusable containers now available! For an extra 300 CFA per order, your lunch will be in a reusable container. Just rinse out the container and return it to the driver on the next day.

Everything else stays the same!
Place your order for the week by Monday 5pm, and receive your meals between 12 and 1pm. The total price of your meal is 4,000 + add-ons + delivery.



Tel: 78 125 1908 (English, French, German)
Find them on Facebook.

O Sushi Bar


Dakar’s sushi scene has exploded in recent years, and truthfully I’ve been continuously impressed by the quality. From Dakysushi, Esprit Sushi and Le Mokai in Plateau to Marina Bay‘s full sushi menu at their resto or poolside options in Ngor, to Sharky’s on the petite Corniche des Almadies (did you know they just launched an ordering app? Nice!)… It’s great to have high quality options beyond places that rhyme with Muji and Fittle Luddha.

So when we were invited to come check out O Sushi Bar in Almadies, I did wonder if there would be anything to really set it apart from the others.

Once we all take a deep breath and get over the fact that parking in that ‘nightclub strip of Almadies’ is non-existent, the location of O Sushi Bar is actually very convenient and easy to find. (For those really old-timers in Dakar, I’m pretty sure it’s the same spot where Newscafé used to be back in the early 2000s.)

Here’s what impressed me first. The receptionist and staff didn’t realize at first that were were coming from Dakar Eats, but even so they answered ALL of my many questions knowledgeably and thoroughly. It was obvious that they knew what they were talking about and felt at ease, which made it fun for us as we dove into Sushi 101. I also appreciated that the owner, manager and chef treated employees with respect and courtesy.

But let’s talk about the food, shall we? We tried what seemed like half the menu. And we would order every single thing again. Here are a few things to note…

  1. The salads were excellent. Fresh, tasty and each one different. Try the marinated algae (wakame) and the kani salade.
  2. The salted edamame is a generous serving and delicious. I would totally keep a couple orders in my fridge just to have on hand for snacking.
  3. The tempura shrimp was light and crispy. Probably best eaten on-site in the restaurant rather than for take-out or delivery, but the one I nibbled on the next day was still pretty darn good.
  4. The sushi and rolls were all good. I’m a sucker for the crunchy rolls, but my husband is more into the straightforward salmon or tuna sushi. This was one meal though where we both enjoyed all of the options.
  5. The chicken yakitori would be delicious alternative for non-fish-lovers. Or, you know, fish lovers who also like a good marinated chicken skewer.
  6. Their full menu is available on their Facebook page. (Why more restaurants in Dakar don’t do this is beyond me…)
  7. Most shifts at least one person speaks English, so if you call and want to order in English, just ask.
  8. Their lunch menus are a BARGAIN.
  9. Delivery available!

O Sushi Bar
On the ‘nightclub strip’ of route des Almadies, next door to Barramundi
Tel: 33 820 54 44 / 78 467 27 17

Find them on Facebook.

Dakar Thanksgiving recipe: bissap (cranberry) sauce


The locally available substitute for cranberries is actually not a berry at all, but bissap (hibiscus) flowers that are often used for making a brightly colored drink. This Bissap Sauce can be made using either the fresh flower petals or more commonly available dried ones that have been rehydrated in boiling water.

I soaked the cleaned, fresh flowers overnight in filtered water to make cold-brew bissap drink. This method retains the nutrients and I find the flavor to be less acidic. (That recipe is for another day, but I learned it from my friends Will and Gloria.)

Back to Bissap Sauce… Cut the petals into small pieces using a knife or kitchen scissors.

img_1885-1 img_1889-1

Place in a pot and add just enough water to cover the bottom, maybe 1/8 cup. You can use any cranberry sauce recipe you find online, but for 5 cups of petals I added orange zest, juice of 1 orange, 1 chopped apple, a cinnamon stick and 1/2 cup Casamance honey or sugar. Cover and cook on low heat for 15 minutes or until bubbling and petals are soft. Stir every five minutes. Once it reaches the consistency you want, let cool a bit and add more honey or sugar to taste.

Serve with your Thanksgiving dinner… or as jam on bread like I did this morning.😉

10 things to know about Chez Fatou

1. It’s the new ‘Chez Fatou’. That is to say that the very first of the surf shack restaurants on beach road in Almadies, Chez Fatou Kim, has re-opened under new owners with a completely new menu and new look. But the location of Chez Fatou is the same, just after La Mer à Table on the petite Corniche des Almadies.

2. All-American Breakfast for 6500cfa! Pancakes with butter and maple syrup, your choice of fried, scrambled or omelette eggs, real bacon, roasted potatoes, toast, fresh fruit salad, choice of juices, tea or brewed American coffee.

3. The brewed Colombian coffee with breakfast includes free refills! And they like actually come to your table to refill without you having to wave a flag to get someone’s attention. It’s fantastic.

4. The view is gorgeous and peaceful when they open at 8:30am, but even more beautiful when the sun comes out fully.

5. The decor is all locally made, but unlike any other in town. The wooden chairs, bar chairs and carved bar are the work of Thierry Gilles, the woven lamps by Isaaka, the sideboards by a very talented man who goes by Scorpion. (I didn’t ask…)

6. The Chez Fatou mugs on the wall are monogrammed with the names of regulars. #lifegoals #feelslikehome

7. Kids are welcome! The kids’ menu for ages 5-12 includes grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets and spaghetti. Kids under 4 eat free from the kids’ menu.They have a stash of floats, kick boards and even nothing suits kids can wear if you get there are decide to get in the water at the last minute. Also a shower to rinse off the sand. #alltheparentsthankyou

8. More than just breakfast, they also serve a selection of salads and sandwiches that have a distinctly American flair. Think Blooming Onions, Caesar salad with chicken, gourmet sandwich with Brie, bacon and apricot… as well as a variety of grilled and seafood dishes. Click on the images below for the full menu.

9. They have fountain drinks for 1500cfa/glass. Mountain Dew, Pepsi, 7up and more. Also they have filtered water by the cup for 300cfa – genius!

10. Open daily from 8:30am. Closed Tuesdays, for now.


Chez Fatou
On the petite Corniche des Almadies (aka, Beach Road) just after La Mer à Table. Look for the yellow Flag beer sign that says ‘Chez Fatou’.
Find them on Facebook here.