5 things to know about Yum-Yum’s desserts

1. The fondants (lava cakes, as we walk them) and brookie arrived still warm from the oven.

2. You can order chocolate or caramel fondants and each order comes with two little cakes.

3. The brookie (that’s brownie + cookie, in case you didn’t know) has eight slices. But if you’re like me, you don’t stop at just one. 😉

4. Brookie tip: I love that it’s delivered warm, but I think it tastes even better the next day dunked in a glass of milk.

5. You can order online, along with all their pizzas, pastas, wings… Which means no speaking on the phone in French. Le woohoo!

7 tips for buying wine in Dakar

1. Look for the wines recommended by L’Epicerie at Le Parcours chez Hoballah on the Corniche. So far, all thumbs up. Like these Maison du Sud…

2. Remember that Africa Gourmet and L’Epicerie deliver! Call them up and explain what you want, then trust the experts. Funny story: a friend once used a courier service to go buy wine at Casino. The delivery guy came back very proud of himself for finding such a great price – under 2000cfa a bottle! Yeah. Trust the experts.

3. Keep this recipe for Senegria on hand: Red wine + Fanta. Or if you’re feeling ritzy, us that carbonated Minute Maid mango or tropical fruit drink. Yum.

4. Don’t buy any supermarket wines under 5000cfa and expect them to be anything special. By the time you take into account the whopping customs fees and internal taxes, it isn’t possible for a bottle under 5000cfa to be worth much. (This nugget of wisdom came from Martine at Africa Gourmet.)

5. The same goes for restaurants selling wine for under 3000 CFA a glass. Buyer (drinker) beware. Thanks Africa Gourmet!

6. I’m all about buying local, but skip anything bottled in Rufisque or Dakar, y’all. If I find anything locally made that’s good, you’ll be the first to know.

7. CityDia seems to have moved to carrying locally bottled wines, but Auchan and Casino still have their sights set abroad… But again, the experts at L’Epicerie and Africa Gourmet are totally down-to-Earth and easy to talk with. French or English! For a fun evening, check out their wine tastings with some friends.

8. That said, both Karelle and Corinne are fans of the peach and grapefruit (pamplemousse) wine at CityDia, and I trust their food blogging tastebuds.

And a little bit more from some wine aficionado friends in Dakar…

“We mostly drink a lovely Chilean Tempranillo that you can find in City Dia. It’s only 4000 CFA I think but I’m not telling you the name in case there’s a rush from other folk meaning I can’t buy it any more due to no remaining stock.
The best place for discovering wine is by far L’Epicerie in Plateau. They often do wine tastings and if you are interested the owner will divulge all kinds of info on the wines they have in stock (and will negotiate prices on occasion). They do fab wine nights on Thursdays and Fridays. Otherwise Le Clos du Papillon (a little hotel in Saly) has fabulous wines, served at very reasonable prices, and the Belgian owner knows and loves his wines so worth going there.”
— Harriet

“We go to the little wine shop across from Ngor stadium, Africa Gourmet, and never buy same wine twice because we’re still experimenting!”
— Elizabeth

“For me the best place to know in Dakar for wine is L’EpicerieL’Epicerie with its excellent selection and wine bars on Thursday and Friday evenings. Plus they have something for every budget. If I’m going to splurge, it will be on a Sauternes, a white wine running about 9000 CFA a glass, but the only one that’s worth it to me.”
— Corinne

9 things to know about Piccolo Pizza

1. If you’ve heard about the new pizza place that tastes like Pizza Hut, this is the one.

2. No, I’m not just saying that because I’ve been out of the USA for too long. 🙂

3. Of course, eating it fresh out of the oven is best. But you can order for delivery by phone or via the Jumia Food app on your phone (full article coming soon!) which also means (score!) no speaking French over the phone.

4. It’s owned by the same parent company as Southern Fried Chicken, so at the Ouakam location you walk in and go left for chicken, right for pizza. But the eating area upstairs is shared.

5. Their cheese is delicious. And the same supplier as Domino’s Pizza international. I know, right?

6. The menu is fairly small and Americans may freak at the idea of tuna on pizza, but still with the cheesy margarita or the ham & ‘shrooms of the Romana and you’ll be fine.

7. No pork. And for now, there’s nothing like pepperoni on the menu, but they are working on a beef sausage!

8. The crust is about like a hand-tossed in the US. But not greasy or heavy.

9. The owner welcomes feedback!

Piccolo Pizza
Tally Americain in Ouakam
Tel: 33 869 7900

Dakar Farmers Market on April 1st!

Things you need to know:

– 20 NEW vendors, 15 of which are fashion, accessories, home decor, etc…

– Sonatel is proudly sponsoring the Dakar Farmers Market.

– The market will specifically celebrate Senegalese independence by promoting local entrepreneurship!

– Free tastings of Senegalese fruits and porridge made from local grains (millet).

NEW Special “Made in Senegal” Artisans:
Sineta Style
Little Treasures
Mafricar’t par AlilocrĂ©a
Tifabi Design
Colliers by Amossa
Baskets by CommuniquĂš CPW
Debbo Dakar
Artsy Trunks by Anne Marie Gabel’art
Zeina KA
Couleur Afrique
Khady Couture
Alyfa, Inc (toys)

Small Organic Farms – Fruits & Veggies:
Marché ASD Dakar ENDA
The Beer-Sheba Project
Taaru Askan Farm
Sen Solar Farm
Strawberry Farm
Cooperative SUNU YAYE *NEW*
Maddy’s Fruit

Poultry, seafood, meats & sausages:
Les DĂ©lices de la Mer
The Beer-Sheba Project
DPM Poultry

Juices, jams, chutneys, hot pepper & local snacks:
Espace Maam Samba Dakar
Delize di Maite
Les douceurs des Taties
Zena Exotic Fruits SA
SENAR Les DĂ©lices Lysa
Veronique’s Peanut Butter
Evelyn’s Salsa
Wa Yabi
Sunny Events (Maad & Beignets)
Mme Senghor’s Jams

Artisanal Cheese & Dairy Products:
Le Club Dolima
Mr Badji’s Italian Cheese
Cibus Italia
Wine & Liquors:
Les douceurs des Taties
Liqueur de Warang
Vin du Sahel Winery
Mme Senghor’s Liquors *NEW*

Natural Cosmetics:
Afro & Nature
Faso Nature
Savonnerie Francisco
Deline’s Gift
Diankh & COCO
ASIMA Nature
Les essentiels de Helene
Begue Coco
Huile de Baobab BFCS
Oil’Ga Beauty
Laboratoire Marie Dialo
Reen * NEW*
Valdafrique * NEW*

International Food Court:
Passion et Gourmandise Madagascar
Mister Lasagne
Wagokoro – Japanese Restaurant
Le Maroc au Sénégal
Yammy Traiteur
Daley’s Kitchen (Jamaican Cuisine)
Couleur Afrique – Paella
PIZZA by Francesca Ristorante Italiano
Fish & Chips * NEW*
Somtou (Cameroon) * NEW*
Belgian Waffles
Pancake Heaven
Spice UP Barbecue

Healthy Eating, Natural Supplements & Spices:
Abracadabra Magic Food
Sen Solar Farm

Fresh Juices, Smoothies, SnoCones & Ice Cream:
La Maison du Fruit

Barbecue & Grilled Sausages:
The Beer-Sheba Project
Spice UP

Torrefaction Cor Coumba
SUUF Coffee

Sweets, Pastries & Baked Goods:
Les Ateliers de Corinne
Le Sucre-rit
MELO Patisserie
Marie’s Kitchen
Mariatou’s Oven
Little Things
Naj Patisserie
Saveurs Palace

Art & Deco:
Sourd Art International
Malika Monkeys
Delt’Art Shop: baskets
Bougaya Candles

Eco-friendly products:
Made In Sénégal

Jardin du Sahel
Tata Arlette’s Plants
Fleurs de Casamance * NEW*

Chez AlphaBooks
Didaktica Bus

Causes to Support & Promo Tables
Animal Rescue League
Handi Eco – Batik
GIE des Handicapes de Velingara – Wooden Puzzles
Smartbook Senegal
Sunu Thiossane Youth Summer Program
Ethiopian Fundraiser

Ethiopian buffet on April 22nd!


The Ethiopia and Senegal Friendship Association with patronage of the Embassy of Ethiopia will offer an all-you-can-eat buffet style dinner for 15,000 cfa. The event is part of fundraising program for the Great Renaissance Dam and will be held at the Ethiopian Residence, by reservation. The dinner will be prepared by the former owner and chef of Addis Ababa restaurant, which used to be in Dakar.

The buffet will feature delicious Ethiopian dishes, including vegetarian dishes. Authentic Ethiopian music by the National Orchestra of Senegal will highlight the event along with traditional Ethiopian organic coffee ceremony.

Invite your friends and family! Please reserve and buy your tickets in by calling 776340333 or 778868189.

Review: Varadero

IMG_5327Guest post by Rebecca Hughes. (I know. I’m hooked on her reviews too!)

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of spending my afternoon by a swimming pool, facing Virage Beach. Oh, and I was also scoping out Varadero, the new Cuban restaurant that just opened.

After 20 years of managing restaurants in Miami, Lisbon, London, and Dubai, Kaman, the owner of Varadero, decided to return to Dakar to create a concept restaurant of combining Caribbean, Jamaican, and Cuban food with West African favorites. As he travelled around, he realized there were more similarities between these cuisines and with his new restaurant, Varadero, he seeks to bridge the gap between the Caribbean and West Africa.

This means joining classics from these cuisines with a new twist. Imagine fish fritters (beignets in Senegal) with curried mayo and poisson braisé with pineapple salsa. Naman is also heavily inspired by using a thick marinade to give his meat a strong flavor that falls between West Africa and the Caribbean. Naman was also inspired by the maquis: get ready to eat plantains, rÎti de porc, along with Caribbean favorites.

Affordability is key at Varadero. The menu is very reasonably placed and the drinks are a great bargain as well. I don’t know that many restaurants in Dakar where you can order a glass of wine 1500 CFA! The cocktails range between 3000-4000 CFA and in lieu of ordering a full meal, you can also enjoy a selection of tapas.

Lunch began with an aperitif. After glancing at the extensive cocktail menu, it was difficult to choose, but I ended up going with a white sangria. It was refreshing, arguably the best white sangria I’ve had in Dakar, and was perfect for chilling alongside the pool. Also on the menu were strawberry cocktails which seemed intriguing.

For food, I began tasting a Caribbean Chicken Salad (orange, pineapple, coriander, red, green, and yellow peppers, alongside marinated chicken), empanadas with black beans and red sauce, Cuban sandwich with ham and cheese. I loved the empanadas, such a good find in a city lacking Mexican food. Having never really tried Caribbean food before, it was a pleasure to discover new things. Where else in Dakar can you try jerk corn: grilled corn dipped in mayo and sweet coconut? For the poulet braisé and poisson braisé, inspired à la maquis, it was tender and rich.

Varadero refers to the most beautiful beach in Cuba full of bars and restaurants. Varadero recalls the Caribbean beaches and cuisine and mixes it with the vibrancy of West African cooking, creating more similarities that we would think.

Open every day for lunch and dinner.
Located in Archhotel on Route de la Corniche opposite Virage.
Tel: 33 820 41 63
Find them on Facebook here.

Next Wednesday, March 29, Varadero is hosting a Cuban Party, with salsa lessons from Ana Paula, starting at 7:30 PM.


Hot pockets from Willy’s

Allow me to make a weeknight dinner easy for you. It’s a little taste of America with minimal effort.

First, make up a batch of this coleslaw. Then call up Willy’s and order some of their (wait for it) hot pockets. They just came out on their new menu and yum.

The meat and onion ones (viande) taste like spicy sloppy joes wrapped in tender, chewy crust. I ate a whole one before I even knew where it had gone. 🙂

It’s like a little envelope of America delivered to your door. And served with your coleslaw on the side, it’s just perfect. If you really want to go big, add some corn on the cob and/or chilled watermelon for the perfect quick summery meal.

The hot pockets are also available with Merguez sausage, chicken (tested and approved!) and you can add cheese or extra sauce to any of them

Tel: 33 832 10 30 or 77 883 33 78 (You can order via WhatsApp too!)
Find them on Facebook.