Must do: La Calebasse & gospel night!

Delicious food, great service, incredible music… horrible photos. But in my defense, I was really and sincerely too busy enjoying the evening to take the time for proper photos.

After nearly 10 years living in Dakar, we finally made it to La Calebasse restaurant’s gospel night on Thursday. I am kicking myself over and over for not having done this before!

Dinner service begins at 8 PM, and the gospel concert starts at about 9:30 PM and lasts about 30 or 45 minutes. You can order the tasting menu for 13,000 CFA per person, which is served family style on platters and included two salads (both very different but also complementary in flavors – a bonus points for one having niébé!), two entrées (some of the best marinated, grilled fillet de little I’ve ever had and a perfect seasoned, tender beef choukaya dish) with rice, sweet potato fries, attieke and aloco, and two desserts. It was ALL absolutely delicious.

You can also order à la carte, and I am told that the calamari is excellent. But I think I would just at the tasting menu every time. It was a that good.

(Considering this is a food blog and not a music blog, I won’t spend too long on the concert other than to say I had chills and tears in my eyes.)

The service was very good and you could tell they knew their game, however I would definitely recommend reserving (as we did) since it is a popular event for large groups.

And we may see you there. 😁

Restaurant La Calebasse
Mamelles, near the lighthouse
Tel: 33 860 6947
Find them on Facebook here.


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  1. I did this a year and a half ago and I agree with everything you said. I cried through the gospel choir and so enjoyed the food.


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