Introducing…Dakar Grills!

I’ve always been much more intimidated by cooking meat than vegetables. On the one hand, that’s probably a good thing since eating vegetables is great for your health. But there are times that I really wish I understood how to choose and cook meat better so that when I do it, it’s worth the effort and the expense.

Recently I’ve been following Aaron, aka Dakar Grills, on Facebook and Instagram and his amazing recipes using mostly Sensa Agri meats that he presents in photos and video format. Sensa Agri beef pork and chicken are organically raised right here in Senegal, and combining their quality with Aaron’s easy to follow inspirations (Coca Cola BBQ chicken wings, anyone?) have me heading for the meat section at Auchan and American Food Store in Almadies ASAP.

If you’re interested in trying the range of Sensa Agri meats (and meeting Aaron to get more tips and recipe ideas!), reserve NOW for the BBQ Night at Chez Fatou on Saturday, December 7th. Tables are for 8-10 people so get your crew together and come ready to enjoy some amazing South African meat!


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