Chef Habib, in your kitchen!

Recently I asked on Dakar Eats Facebook page whether there was an interest in chefs who come to your home, like Sama Chef Privé. The replies came in fast and furious: yes, yes, oui, yes and yes!

Chef Habib Sayegh offers a variety of meals and specialties that can be prepared and served in your home (#ChristmasDinnerParties) as well as cooking workshops for groups of adults and children. But today let’s look at his chef-in-your-kitchen offerings.

Although he has a well thought out and clearly presented menu, Chef Habib is also quite flexible and happy to work with your dietary needs and preferences. It’s easy to say that, right? But how flexible is he really? Well, I sent his information to our friends who are vegan. That’s right. I sent a former grill chef to vegans. 😀 But he nailed it! Their comments on the experience below…

“We had a lovely and satisfying meal with Habib. So many good things to say about his service and the food.

He listened to our requests and prepared a strictly vegan menu. He took on board our comments and made adjustments to suit our preferences.

The three-course meal was plentiful and delicious.

He gave a thoughtful explanation of the foods he prepared and many components were especially made in his home, like coconut cream and watermelon juice. Most items prepared at his place ahead of time, so only final prep done at our place.

-Quinoa Salad with grilled vegetables was delightful and fresh with a light dressing, generous use of herbs. Rewarding olive oil with light citrus finish.

– Risotto à la courge (naajo), parfumée aux baies de Genièvres was creamy and rich, cooked with homemade coconut milk and butternut. Comforting and delicious, filling and satisfying

– Dessert was a refreshing elevated fruit salad marinated in homemade watermelon juice. A perfect finish to the meal.

We would definitely recommend him and we will call him again.”


Note that Chef Habib also mentioned he can do a special Turkey meal, so if you don’t want to cook for Thanksgiving, or just want a little help – give him a call!

Chef Habib Sayegh
Tel: 78 603 96 70


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