20 great things in Dakar food in 2020

Club Kossam went from bring ‘the milk and yogurt guys’ to an all-out online grocery store that delivers excellent fresh products, pantry goods and more.

Fresh tofu and soy milk are now available from multiple sources across Dakar, and even delivery.

The Dakar Farmers Market was able to start back up with two hugely successful events at the end of the year.

MIYA water delivery changed my Dakar hydration.

Arugula (roquette) was available year-round, thanks to Senegal Fleurs and Club Kossam.

Caliente opened and brought us authentic Tex-Mex in Dakar.

Marie’s Kitchen started offering freshly milled whole wheat flour.

Shady’s Grill opened in N’gor, making his hummus and roasted chicken meals accessible to all!

I found a loaded avocado tree in my neighborhood and managed to buy kilos and kilos, fresh off the branches.

Jumia Food got their act together and their delivery folks seem to be getting here faster and with fewer phone calls asking for directions.

Hotel Boma opened, giving a beautiful restaurant option without having to go to Plateau. (Also that Tiep au wok… !!)

Veronique’s Peanuts started offering fresh roasted cashews.

Cadence Coffee is now roasting in Dakar, and available at the BulkShop!

Le Sucre-Rit restaurant & bakery made their pain au levain available for delivery via Club Kossam.

Finally found coconut vendor willing to come to our corner twice a week. Fresh coconut water and coconut meat is now a regular staple for us.

The American Food Store found their rhythm for staying stocked, so I no longer feel the need to hoard when my favorite treasures come in.

And on their shelves, locally made incredible fresh tortilla chips by Maria!

Taaru Askan relaunched their CSA with locally grown produce—and I got mine!

Estendera Vivier Beach and Francesca’s are still solid as ever. So thankful for a pizza fix & Finissima or Filet à la Ligure with ocean view.

Vegan Magnum bars at Casino Almadies.



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