Caliente: so hot right now.

Allow me to share 5 reasons that I ❤️ Caliente, beyond the obvious one that we finally have good Mexican in Dakar!

1) Their online ordering process is the best I have seen in Dakar, particularly considering how wonderfully complex some of the menu items can be.

2) The menu and other information is available in both French and English.

3) Their menu includes things such as cayenne, chipotle, paprika, jalapeños, avocado, cumin, cilantro, corn… and other absolute essentials to Mexican cuisine.

4) We ordered for 10 people, each one specifying the exact ingredients they want it included in their meal, and everything arrived correct and labeled clearly.

5) When I had a question that required information from the restaurant, I received an immediate response that was thorough and complete. Excellent customer service.

Bonus thing to ❤️: the 🌯 burritos are WOW.

So now the details. Caliente is currently offering delivery service only. Your can view their menu online and order online as well. Now get to it!



  1. Hello how are you I am Fallou fayein Senegal how you gays can we doing business together 👍

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