More than ‘just peanuts’.

I just received my monthly delivery of freshly roasted peanuts and all-peanut butter from Veronique’s Peanuts.

We have been eating her peanuts and peanut butter since 2012. The freshness is unbeatable. We even take jars of it back to America as gifts for friends, and because we prefer it over American peanut butter. 

In talking with Veronique, I learned that peanuts in Senegal are seasonal and the prices reflect this. We are currently in the more expensive season, so although she may pay up to 50% more per kilo of peanuts in the coming months, she doesn’t change her prices for the finished product. She also has not changed her prices in 8 years.

Things to keep in mind when you shop and support small vendors in Senegal. Veronique’s Peanuts are available from the Bulk Shop in Almadies or delivery. 



  1. Waw that good eat she doing me to i am doing the same Busines abuat peanuts

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