South African Curry Bunnies

First, allow me to relieve any fears that we’re talking about small rabbits. No, no. These ‘bunnies’ are like puffy savory beignets with a delicious fried exterior and soft, pillowy interior. 

Amanda is now offering traditional South African Curry Bunny and mince (that’s ground beef filling, to our American readers). It is a special deep-fried dough with a delicious savory curry flavored filling. It’s like the ultimate comfort food and we are totally sold on them! 

The ground beef is top quality (100% SENSA Agri meat) complimented with a creative blend of spices. Or, she is offering a vegan Curry Bunny with lentils in place of the beef, but the same great flavors, veggies and spices. 

The Curry Bunnies are 3000 CFA each and they are quite large. Available for pick up in Almadies, or free delivery in Almadies for orders of 6 or more.  

Place your orders one day in advance by 774073430 via WhatsApp. (I already got my weekly order in!)


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