La Boucherie Nouvelle

I told a friend recently that if it takes me a long time to write up a post about a new restaurant or shop I’ve tried, you know it’s good. That means I wanted to make sure to get the words just right and convey just how great I think the place is.

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There are three reviews I’ve been wanting to write for, oh, way too long now. Time to sit down and share the scoop on these new-in-Dakar and new-to-me favorites. Today we start with La Boucherie Nouvelle, a butcher shop (and more) that has recently opened in Point E near the City Dia. Our good friend Nour was the first to tell us about this shop and I have been very impressed by their presence on social media. But the real proof was in their product.

I sent the very lovely owner an email (in English) asking if they had X, Y and Z on my shopping list and for prices. Eve responded quickly with clear, detailed pricing  information and let me know that delivery was an option – and even free to my quarter, among others. Anywhere that delivers in Dakar is always going to get an extra thumbs-up in my book. AND without having to call 12 times because the driver is lost, well thumbs up up up!

The prices she quoted for ground beef, whole chickens, pork roasts (even made to my exact size preference), boeuf bourguignon (stew meat), and sausages were very good, closer to supermarket prices than boucherie. But the products were most definitely boucherie quality! I’m not one who loves the look of raw meat, but those sausages were beautiful. Everything I ordered was packaged cleanly and did not smell like meat. Very fresh, very cold. And delicious! We grilled chipolatas sausages that night and then made our way through the rest in the two weeks to come. Everything was great and I will definitely be ordering regularly!

La Boucherie Nouvelle
Tel: 33 825 40 45
Allées Seydou Nourou Tall x Rue de Koalack
Closed on Mondays.



  1. My family has never been too picky (i.e. we’re not foodies), but we live near this place and I have to say—- It’s amazing. When the cook came back with chicken legs last night, I stared at them for like 3 minutes marveling at their beauty. I never thought I would write such a sentence… I highly recommend.

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