Celebrating Easter in Dakar

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.31.35 PMEaster is coming!

And Dakar’s sweet shops are ready. Amande et Miel, Jeff de Bruges and Pause Douceur have stocked specialty items and beautiful gift packages for your celebration this Sunday. Simone Café has a lovely peanut butter and chocolate tart inspired by the traditional Senegalese Easter drink called ngalax. Keep scrolling (and drooling) below…

Also the International Christian Fellowship of Dakar, an English-speaking church, will be having its Easter Service starting at 10am and all are welcome.

Happy Easter!

From Amande et Miel  at 22 avenue Pasteur in Plateau (next to the German Embassy) 

From Pause Douceur. Find them on Facebook here.


From Jeff de Bruges at 11 rue Victor Hugo. Find them on Facebook here.


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