Le Marché du Poulet – les Alliés

There’s no way to photograph raw chicken in an attractive way, so I didn’t. Instead, here’s a photo of one of the finished products: chicken stew with dumplings.



My foodie buddy Karelle told me about Le Marché du Poulet – les Alliés and I take her advice without even adding a grain of salt. (Haha! Food humor. Wipes away a tear.)

I’ve ordered from them twice now. Why twice? Because just as a bad experience can be a fluke, so can a good one. So I double tested and they double passed.

Check out their Facebook page. I’ll wait…

I know, right?? So much cheaper than any other chicken in town. 1500cfa/kilo for meaty thigh pieces, 4500cfa/kilo for breasts… Seriously good prices on an incredible variety of poultry and cuts.


And they deliver fresh (not frozen, packaged to order) in Dakar for 500cfa, within a couple hours of placing your order.

Okay there are a few things to know. For example, this is not La Boucherie Nouvelle. Don’t expect beautifully trimmed pieces and spotless packaging. But you can expect good prices on good chicken. If that’s what you’re after, give them a call.

Le Marché du Poulet – les Alliés
Based at Kermel Market
Tel: 77 421 50 54

Find them on Facebook here.



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