A Dakarified kitchen

Buying broccoli will break the bank, but have you tried moringa powder from the locally growing Nebeday tree?

Chicken breasts are no longer your cheap and easy go-to, but fillet de lotte is a very versatile cut of local fish at half the price that even non-fish lovers appreciate.

JIF and Skippy sure are creamy, but Veronique’s single-ingredient peanut butter is what dreams are made of at Whole Foods.

Boxed cereal is up to $10 a pop, but for less you can buy homemade granola made with freshly grated coconut and Casamance honey from Marie’s Kitchen.

And you’ll quickly forget smushy Wonder Bread when you try Shady’s fresh whole wheat sandwich loaf or Marie’s homemade English muffins – all without any added preservatives. (For more ideas, see the Dakar Bread Reviews.)

KoolAid made be quick, but bissap tea is way better – and packs a healthy punch! (‘Punch’. You see what I did there?)

You can find Goji berries but for a much more reasonable price, try baobab fruit powder. This superfood hit the scene big time in 2015 and we can get it easily in Dakar.

Hot dogs over a campfire (or just on the stove) are quick comfort food. But the chipolata sausages and saucisses de volaille (chicken sausages) from La Boucherie Nouvelle are much more flavorful and fresh.

This week I have ordered twice from Sooretul (baobab powder, kinkeliba mint tea, also pure shea butter) and was very pleased with their selection, pricing and speed. Several similar sites exist, such as Etounature, which I am trying out today. Delivery ranges from free to 1500cfa max, which is like one-way taxi fare. The people I’ve dealt with have been quick and polite, and most speak English and have easy ways to order online.

If you haven’t hopped on the local product delivery bandwagon yet, it’s time!


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