It’s raining chickens!

I would not have considered chicken to be a seasonal product, but if you’ve lived in Senegal for a while you know there are definitely times when the little cluckers are scarce on the shelves. So when I was contacted by THREE people in one week saying they had chickens for sale, I was pretty jazzed.

The Avisource project raises chickens and sells them frozen for 3000cfa for 1.8kg-2.2kg or 3500cfa for 2.2kg-2.8kg. That is a BIG bird! Avisource is a project of several members of the Evangelical Church of Ouakam called “La Source”. I’ve bought chickens from them now twice… and twice have gone on and on about how big and meaty they are! Also very clean and taste great.

You can call to order. 77 352 9261 or 77 242 5575 or 77 642 7432. Pick up is in Ouakam, Cité Avion.

Sarah and Tony have whole chickens to sell, fresh or frozen. They’re raised cage free and well cared for, butchered on the farm and pretty clean as far as plucking goes. They aren’t professionally packaged and they’re butchered “Senegalese style” with heads and feet still attached and the heart, liver and stomach meat tucked inside. They’re really good meat and pretty hefty and cost 3250cfa each.

You can call Tony to order. 77 357 8800. Buy 5 or more, and they’ll deliver for free!

Marietou has 50 chickens ready to hit the dinner table. (In fact, there’s one stewing in a pot in my kitchen now.) She raises her birds in Ouakam and you can either pick them up at her house or arrange for her to deliver them for a reasonable fee. The chickens cost 3500cfa each and are good quality and frozen immediately after butchering.

You can call Marietou (she speaks English) to order. 70 778 4479. Pick up is in Ouakam, Cité Avion.



  1. La Mer à Table 77 462 6058 Mme Gomez I would not have known this restaurant existed – and what a shame that would have been – had I not been looking for a NEW restaurant to discover. Thankfully a friend suggested this lusophone restaurant – Cap Vert, Guinée Bissau, Brésil, Portugal. Delicious, beautifully presented dishes, very very very friendly people. Next to Secret on the “petite corniche des almadies”. Really, delicious and very friendly. We ate diner and lunch and it was just as enjoyable. The prices are in line with the quality (salade de poulpe 3500 ; 1/2 Poulet Braisé accompagné 5000 ; Entier 9000 ; calamar entier with accompagnement 4500… etc) And the best Mojito in Dakar 3500 Definitely a place to enjoy. And Sunday Brunch Buffet with music ! Scott

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