NEW from the Beer-Sheba Project!

I saw it on Instagram first. I immediately sent a message to be sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me and that I had understood correctly. YES. The Beer-Sheba Project is now making sliced, ready-to-eat deli roast beef. (Organic beef, of course.) We picked up a package from the American Food Store in Almadies and it was every bit as good as I had hoped.

Big news #2! Whether your preference is chicken or beef, bone broth is amazing for many reasons. First of all, it’s very good for for your health. (See here.) Secondly – and for me most importantly if I have to be honest – it’s the flavor. Bone broth is a rich, dense, nutrient-filled base for many recipes and meals. With just a little bit of concentrated bone broth, you can give your meals the taste of having simmering for hours over heat. This is especially helpful in hot season when you really don’t want to be anywhere near a fire, ammirite?

The good news is that high-quality, 24-hour simmered bone broth is soon to be available in Dakar! The Beer-Sheba Project, known for its high quality organic beef and chicken and pork products, is now producing both chicken bone broth and beef bone broth and it will be available for purchase by the liter. This bone broth is highly concentrated and can be diluted to about 70% water in order to achieve a regular broth consistency.

This stuff is intense and tastes amazing. I’ve been using it as a base for stews and soups, to infuse rich flavor into steamed vegetables and rice, and even just drinking it with a pinch of salt.

Both the deli roast beef and bone broths will be available at The American Food Store in Almadies and future Dakar Farmers Markets!


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