The BEST Chinese supermarket in Dakar?

“I have it on good authority that this is the BEST Chinese supermarket in Dakar. Do you know it at all? 中国超市”

At the bottom of the message was this link to a location. I have to admit, I didn’t know of it and it’s been years since I’d made it down to the Asian supermarkets near Kermel. So I was very happy to receive the following photos and info from my friend after he’d investigated 中国超市.

“They sell locally made frozen pork dumplings for 5000 cfa a bag. It’s smallish but well stocked. Friendly Chinese and Senegalese staff. The whole area is full of Chinese shops and restaurants. Definitely worth a visit.”

And one bonus recommendation while you’re there… “This restaurant across the street is small but they have a very comprehensive menu. Mostly Chinese speaking.”



  1. Wow!! This is very exciting news! I can’t wait to see your review of the restaurant… though I realize if they don’t deliver it may be a long wait….

  2. My Chinese friend took me here in my first week in Dakar and though they were out of tofu they had tofu skins and the frozen dumplings were fantastic. We ordered take away from the restaurant listed and another one around the corner and both places were excellent. I was stuffed.

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