Where I go for pizza: Gino & Gino


We are pizza people. Serious pizza people. At one point in our early married life, we decided to make pizza for dinner every night until we got bored with it. 27 days later, we were still going strong. We only stopped because we were having friends over for dinner who had already had pizza chez nous once that month.


So yeah. We love good pizza. And Dakar has some pretty amazing choices. When we lived in Mermoz, we ordered from Le Colorado in Point E. Still very good and highly recommended, but the distance for delivery to us now means we have turned to more options in our quartier. And in Almadies, wow are we spoiled! For delivery, my absolute favorite in Dakar is Francesca’s in Ngor. It freezes and reheats beautifully on the stovetop in a frying pan with a lid. Incredibly delicious. Really love their diavola, 4 cheese and vegetarian pizzas. Ordering info here….


However, if I’m going to go out for pizza, Gino & Gino’s on the rooftop terrace of Hotel de Phare is my top choice. Their pizza has a thinner crust that Francesca’s and is excellent when eaten fresh and hot out of the oven. My favorite is the Balla Gaye with chicken, sausage, ham and carmelized onions. Yum! My fellow frequent diners have also raved about the Mamma and Parme pizzas. You can order and pay at the bar, then have a seat and they will bring it to you.


Gino & Gino’s starts up the ovens in time for a 7pm pizza as the sun goes down, which is basically perfection for an early date night. It gets busy later (movie nights, dj…), but if you’re just going for the pizza, aim for earlier.


Gino & Gino
Rooftop of Hotel du Phare
37 Cité des Magistrats in Les Mamelles


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