3 things I rely on

1. Casino rotisserie chickens.
Roasted with butter, garlic and spices and just 3900 cfa for a whole bird of decent (Dakar) size. They are usually finished cooking around 10:30am in Almadies if you want a hot one. I use them for every single recipe that calls for chicken. Super easy to get the meat off the bone, chop for salads, add to stews, shred for tacos or casseroles…

2. Jumia Food app + La Parisienne bakery. They do run out of croissants and such earlier in the day, but for good baguettes delivered for 500cfa… solid.

3. BeerSheba chicken or beef bone broth. We are living on stews thrown together with rotisserie chicken, whatever veggies I have on hand and their broth. (And a good baguette, of course.) The BeerSheba bone broth is simmered for 24 hours so it tastes like I spent forever on the meal. 😂😂😂 I didn’t. (Insert evil Mom laugh.)


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