“The usual”

Okay kids. It’s sharing time.

I’ve talked with a few people recently who have ‘usual’ orders at restaurants I have been wanting to try but never know what to order. (I’m talking to you, Roxanne and Lu-rad.)

So I am proposing an exchange. I’ll tell you what I order most often from some of our list frequent spots in exchange for the scoop on your ‘usuals’. Deal? Okay.

We order from Francesca’s in Ngor the most frequently. No, I won’t tell you how often. But I will tell you that we get enough to freeze the leftovers because they reheat beautifully using this stovetop method.

– Pizza Diavola
– Pizza 4 Formaggi (so good with roasted tomatoes on the side or a nice, green salad)
– Pizza Capricciosa, but no tuna
– Panuozzo Végétariano (I split it up for lunches and add pepperoni when I reheat it. Shh…)
– Panuozzo Caprese, for the kiddos
– I also request they not send the condiments since they are in plastic containers and we don’t need them.

We also order from Diami Delivers. her portions are very generous and the yassa (the one with seafood is so delicious!) and mafé freeze well. But her thieboudienne and thiebouyap are just so good fresh. Okay, but I am supposed to give you our ‘usual’ which would be yassa with chicken and extra carrots on vermicelli and one bottle of bissap. Dee-lish, y’all.

Lastly, at La Maison de Celine in Ngor, you can get any of the pizzas made into a calzone. I get the one with ham (sub in chorizo), mushrooms and artichoke hearts and ask for a side of warm marinara sauce. Heaven.

Your turn! I am particularly looking for your go-to orders for Farid, Annapurna, Shabbat, Le Jardin Thaïlandais, that Chinese resto at the Ngor roundabout, or anywhere else that is so good that you just keep going back.

Thanks, et bon app’!


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