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Francesca’s in Ngor… for pizza delivery!


Another post for another day, my newfound love for Gino & Gino’s pizza in Mamelles. The delay is that we’ve only been after dark so no good photos yet!

For many moons I have been very, very pleased with Dakar’s pizza scene. So many good options, and also some pretty great ones too. But the weak spot has been delivery for brick oven style pizzas… if you want to feed your family before 8pm. (Or 8:30…) My assumption is that most places don’t fire up their ovens well before 7pm. But I was determined to find a solution and tonight it paid off.

Francesca’s was previously reviewed on Dakar Eats (many thumbs up) but it was only recently that Jumia Food made delivery to my quartier possible for this specific Italian ristorante I had heard such great things about.

I ordered via the Jumia Food app at about 5:30pm and was given an estimate of 75 minutes for delivery. It arrived just over an hour later! And at a perfectly reasonable dinner time for families with kiddos.

Now let’s talk pizza! It had a thicker, more chewy crust than most brick oven pizzas – which was great! Perfectly cooked with just the right amount of blackened goodness. The toppings were good, the 4 cheese was delicious, and it came with spiced oil which we love. The pizzas are maybe 12 inches diameter but with the thicker crust, it’s really quite filling. Prices are very reasonable at around 5000 CFA.

How It Works:

1. For evening delivery, you can place your order directly on Jumia Food.
2. For private reservations, call Francesca directly at 77 844 05 79 or 77 181 40 83. She is located in N’Gor, down the street from Chez Katia.