La Baie d’Or

After months of hearing about ‘the Chinese place on the roundabout’, we finally made it to La Baie d’Or. And pretty quickly regretted not having been sooner!

Absolutely delicious. We had light, airy fried dumplings, sprout salad that was well marinated but still crunchy, Kung pao chicken with flavor and heat, sweet & sour beef and chicken that were just tangy enough, sizzling tender beef on an iron platter… all were very fresh and flavorful.

The service is astonishingly good for Dakar. Attentive, speedy and informed. The dishes we ordered came out in an odd order, but you could tell each one was served as it was ready and so tasted the best possible. I’ll take dumplings after my entree for that.

Unfortunately they were out of printed menus and it’s not available online, but well worth stopping by. From the Ngor-Brioche Dorée roundabout, look for ‘La Baie d’Or’ in neon letters at the top of the tall building heading down towards Ngor Village. The restaurant is well marked, easy to find and at ground level of that building.

La Baie d’Or

Tel: 338209162

Open 6pm to 10pm according to their Facebook page, but it also still shows a different location on their map.


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