Frosty, yummy SnoCones by Abracadabra!


Abracadabra Magic Food is helping cool off Dakar with their deliciously flavored shaved ices. Made with mineral water and local syrups, they grind the ice right in front of you and mix in what you want. Bissap, lime, mint, ginger, tamarind, maad, pineapple, strawberry, even a kinkeliba flavor. (On special days, there’s also whipped cream and chocolate sauce on offer.) And sometimes, there’s also a coffee flavor complete with fresh crunchy beans and whipped cream on top. #forthemoms

Their antique-style, hand-crank ice shaving machine is direct from Japan and creates thin, frosty snowflakes of ice which then go into the standard SnoCone cornets (these are imported from the USA, though true to Abracadabra form they’ve been slowly looking for a local solution).

Their syrups come from several local sources, including Maam Samba – Ndem Women’s Association and Fruitales. The coffee syrup they make themselves using a roast from Dakar’s own Cor Coumba Torrefaction.

Meet the SnoCone staff:

  • Marie, Cook & SnoConer, mother of two, full-time employee
  • Assane, SnoCone maker extraordinaire, part-time employee
  • Kathryn, co-owner of Abracadabra, SnoCone eater extraordinaire
  • Jurgen, co-owner of Abracadabra, after the perfect coffee flavor!


Weekly Schedule (more or less):

Mondays, 2:45pm-4pm, EAB, Mermoz, right on the Corniche
– Look for them on the sidewalk on the corner outside the pre-k doors, next to Maman Penda, the vegetable & fruit seller.

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3pm-6:30pm, ISD, Mermoz, just off the Corniche
– Look for them right across from the main gate, under the tree with the other vendors.


Tuesdays, 11:30am-2:45pm, Jean Mermoz, Ouakam
– Look for them on the sidewalk just outside the main gate closest to the road’s intersection with YumYum – right where the school bus exits.

Thursdays, 2:45pm-4pm, EAB, Mermoz, right on the Corniche

Fridays, half-days at ISD then 12pm-1pm

If your school or office isn’t listed, just shoot them an email to invite them. They can also do private events.

Also look for them each month at the Dakar Farmers Market at Marina Bay and on Saturday, October 22nd starting at 5pm at the Journée de Solidarité at DanceHall.


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