5 ways I use Casamance honey (and the 1 place I buy it)

1. Drizzled over pancakes or into oatmeal in place of maple syrup.

2. Mixed with Veronique’s all-peanut butter and some cocoa powder to make a much healthier ‘Faux-tella’ chocolate spread.

3. As a touch of sweetener in frozen fruit & veggie smoothies.

4. Spooned into tea. (Also in hot lemon water when I have a cold).

5. Over cornbread with a little butter. Or a lot of butter. 😉

m sure there are several reputable places to buy Casamance honey in Dakar, but I have found a source I trust and love… Marie’s Kitchen. Their honey is clean, pure, dark and delicious. Plus it’s a great price at 3000 CFA per liter.

You can find them at the Dakar Farmers Market (next one is November 4th) or call / SMS to order for delivery. Tel: 775367887

(Of course you’ll want to order some of her homemade whole wheat English muffins while you’re at. Honey on warmed muffins for breakfast or late night snack… so good.)


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