NEW: Kidz Palace

If I ever retire and sell Dakar Eats for big bucks (haha), I will have to give a portion to Stan as a thank-you for his contributions. He finds places I’ve never even heard of and sends a complete review with photos and the menu. Awesome. 

Kidz Palace opened on September 24th. It is located in Hann Mariste at the Mariste Bridge round point.


The owner is Senegalese and spent several years in the Atlanta area. He attended GA State University, is very friendly and speaks fluent English. He shared that he is in the process of building a Kidz Palace near the VDN and Ancienne Piste in Mermoz. And, plans to build additional units in Abidjan, Bamako, Ouaga, and other West African capitals.

There are 5 floors:
· Ground floor – Kids’ toy store
· 2nd floor – Kids’ and adult clothes
· 3rd floor – Furniture showroom

I’m going to focus on the 4th and 5th floors as this is a food website. However, I can’t pass up showing photos of the 4th floor as that was the draw for our kids.

· 4th floor – Karting!
· 5th floor – Restaurant and Arcade

The restaurant on the 5th floor caters to kids for obvious reasons. We ordered Chicken Nuggets, Mini Pizza and Mini Quiche. Everything was good, though the nuggets were very processed. The fries were excellent! The pizzas took a while to come and so they offered each of us a free arcade game for the wait. Good customer service!


OK, back to the 4th floor!

They have managed to put a figure S Karting track inside the building. Great for the parents too as you are in air-conditioning! It is 2,000 cfa for 5 minutes. Seems targeted for 10 years old and younger. They do have a Kart that a parent can ride on with a younger child.

They are still working out birthday rates and possibly a 1-hour unlimited rate, which would make it more attractive to family budgets.

It is exciting to see something like this in Dakar. And in hot season, being indoors in air conditioning is wonderful. Definitely worth a trip! Go check it out. Many of the employees speak English.

Kidz Palace
Tel: 33-825-8584
Open from 10am until 9pm.
Parking out front.


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