Trio Toque pop-up restaurant is back!

We are very pleased to let you know that our Dakar pop-up restaurant, Trio Toqué is now open for reservations for diner on October 15th, at 7:30 PM.

This diner will be prepared jointly by trio Toque and Abracabra Food. You can register by sending an email to indicating the number of guests, your choice of menu and your sitting preference. You will find the menu below. Details about the location of this month’s event will be sent to confirmed guests.

Please note that we make a special effort to prepare the multi-course meals using the freshest ingredient we purchase locally for our guests. As we can cook only for a limited number of persons, please assure your availability to participate prior to making your reservation.

We look forward to seeing you.

Kathryn, Jurgen, Isabelle et Michka

Cocktail & Amuse Bouche

Gaspacho de petits pois, chantilly à la menthe

Mediterranean tuna tartar
Mushrooms with lemon cashew spread on toasts (Vegetarian)

Vanilla shrimp with vegetables and polenta
Pork parmentier with pumpkin, hazelnut and chorizo crumble
Pineapple curry rice with cashews and moringa leaves, kale and coconut salads (Vegetarian)

Terrine of blue cheeses and salad

Chocolate tartlets with roasted clementine,

Coffee, Tea, Water

25,000 F CFA person
Service not included


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