American Mother’s Day is Sunday!

Ten ideas, just in case you’re scrambling…

1. Chocolates from Amande et Miel or Jeff de Bruges. 

2. Brunch! Marina Bay, the Phare des Mamelles, King Fahd, Terrou-Bi, Radisson… but sadly La Demeure does not do breakfast on Sundays. 

3. La Graine d’Or bakery + Sen Express delivery. Pastries in bed! Just remember a tray and napkins. 

4. And coffee. Never forget the coffee. 

5. Order a cake from the amazing Simone at Simone Café. 

6. Freshly cut flowers will be available at the Lou Bess? Farmer’s Market this Saturday. Potted flowers or a small herb garden also make a lovely and lasting gift. Check out the Jardin du Sahel stand. 

7. And while you’re at the farmer’s market… Several stands feature locally made beauty creams and soaps with all-natural ingredients. Check out Nyara and Les Essentiels d’Helene. 

8. Sushi. Indian. Lebanese. Italian. Whatever her favorite is, it can probably be delivered to your door. #nodishesonmothersday

9. Don’t forget the card. Or at least say the words that you would have written on the card. 

To those of you surrounded by little ones or missing their big ones, those of you who have lost or never had, we think of you this Mother’s Day. 


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