Best burger in Senegal is… in St-Louis?

Word on the street (okay, in my Inbox) is that the best hamburger in the country is at restaurant La Kora, chez Peggy up in Saint-Louis. My source is a veteran expat and foodie who is quite the chef herself, so I take her recommendations seriously. (And I take my burger medium, in case anyone wants to make me one. 😉) She also highly recommends the profiteroles for dessert and said the service was very good.

Road trip, anyone?

La Kora, chez Peggy
Located on the Saint-Louis island at 402 avenue Blaise Diagne. 
Tel: 776371244
Find them on Facebook here.


One comment

  1. We absolutely agree that Peggy has a delicious, friendly restaurant. It is almost worth the trip to St Louis to dine there ;o)

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