Smartbook Senegal (you need this!)

I love going to restaurants. I love coupons and discounts. I love getting pampered. I love freebies. And I love trying new places – especially ones that have been vetted and earned two thumbs up.

I assumed many of you are like me. (Probably safe.) I also assumed everyone had already heard of the recently launched Smartbook Senegal and bought one right away. (Apparently NOT a safe assumption!)

I’m finding out that there’s still work to be done to get the word out about Smartbook Senegal, so this is me rolling up my sleeves and ready to get to work. (Not to be confused with me rolling up my sleeves to go to town on some hot wings. I can see how you might be confused. They do look similar…)

What is the Smartbook?
A pocket-sized book of coupons for Dakar and Saly.

What’s in it?
Page after page after page of discounts for the best restaurants, hotels, spas and activities. Each business listing includes a one-time découverte offer (30% off at a restaurant or hotel, free massage or manicure at a spa…) PLUS a fidelité offer you can use all year long (10-15% discount, for example).

Which restaurants are included?
Le Jardin, Le Cozy, Le Coste, Le Farid, L’Archibar, Le Mokai, Le Bayékou, La Pointe, So’ Beach, L’Ortolan, Le Charly, Esprit Sushi, La Piazzola, Feel Juice, Le Layal, San Miguel, Le Must.

(For anyone curious, that’s nine of my favorites, four I’ve been wanting to try and four I don’t know much about. Perfect!)

How long are the offers valid?
Until the end of 2016.

Where do I buy it?
Pick one up at 4Vents bookstores or call 78 374 12 12 to order and they will deliver to you for FREE. Can’t beat that.

How much is it?

Do I really need it? Will I actually use it?
Yes. And yes.

Using my Smartbook for the first time at Le Jardin
We used ours for 30% off dinner with friends at Le Jardin (mmm, steak) and then used the two free visits to Club Olympique. Boom. Got our money’s worth just like that.

Sounds great, but I’d like more information.
No problem. Their Facebook page lists all the offers (check their photo albums) so you can browse and see just how great this little book is.

Smartbook Senegal
Find them on Facebook.

TIP: Makes a great birthday or ‘welcome to Dakar’ gift!


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