BIG chickens, great price!

The Avisource project Ouakam, Cité Avion, raises chickens and sells them frozen for 3000cfa for 1.8kg-2.2kg or 3500cfa for 2.2kg-2.8kg. That is a BIG bird!

Avisource is a project of several members of the Evangelical Church of Ouakam called “La Source”.

I’ve bought chickens from them now twice… and twice have gone on and on about how big and meaty they are! Also very clean and taste great.

You can call to order at any time.
77.352.92.61 or or 77.642.74.32.


One comment

  1. I was very excited about this but I called last week to order and the man said they don’t have anymore chickens in March…

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