NEW: Ngor Lounge

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It all started when my friend posted a picture on Facebook of this gorgeous bowl heaped full of clams in creamy sauce with golden French fries on the side. I had to have some.


lopgo jpgThe recently opened Ngor Lounge is a breath of fresh, seaside air on ‘beach road’ in Almadies. It’s more upscale than the usual beach shacks (not that they aren’t great and appreciated too!), but not pretentious or fussy. Just really good seafood with an amazing view, cool breeze, beautiful pool and deck. And the service is has been very good on both of my visits to the Ngor Lounge – which is no small thing in Dakar.


If you’re not into seafood, the steak is ‘as good as La Parilla’ according to my friend. But for those of us into clams, mussels, tuna steaks and all that comes from the water, the menu gives too many good options.


The new Ngor Lounge is located at the the end of the petite Corniche des Almadies, almost all the way down to the new Sheraton. It’s just before the Restaurant Ngor / Aux Pieds dans l’Eau.







menu 1.

menu 2.



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