NEW: Dakysushi

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I have to admit I’ve been very, very slow to hop on the sushi train here in Dakar. I love sushi, but I need to trust the restaurant first. So other than Le Mokai (which was great), I’ve just put it off. But there are now quite a few seemingly good options so I decided to dip a toe. Which quickly led to a full on swan dive.

Two very trusted Dakar Eats readers (Hi N. and K.!) recommended Dakysushi very highly so we decided to start there. The owner is a pharmacist who holds a PhD in clinical biology. If that doesn’t reassure you about the cleanliness and food safety at Dakysushi, I don’t know what will! But you may also be interested to know that he imports all of his ingredients and fish from places like Norway and that his prices are surprisingly reasonable. He attributes this to his love of sushi and also the enjoyment he gets from contact with clients and making sushi accessible to all. (For example, 6 maki rolls starting at 2500cfa or 8 California rolls for 3500cfa.)


We tried a 32-piece assortment and were wow-ed. About halfway through we’d already decided this was going to have to become a regular event. I gave up trying to indentify and list my favorites though. We’ll just stick with the 32-piece assortment because we liked them all. That said… some the specials posted on their Facebook page recently look pretty amazing too! To be tried…

For now Dakysushi is doing delivery service only, but their full restaurant will open in Plateau in mid-April and plans are underway for a second location in Almadies opening in December.

Delivery orders: 77 498 90 91 or 70 626 5762

COMING SOON: 22 avenue Pasteur (near the British and German Embassies)
Tel: 70 626 5762. The manager speaks English!

Find them on Facebook.
(Do NOT scroll through their sushi photos hungry. Just a warning.)






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