Review: Classic Burger


Step into Classic Burger, and you might forget where you are. From the restaurant’s decor to its menu and condiments, everything screams high-end American burger joint — the kind of place men go to for the food and ladies don’t mind joining them.

I wondered my experience would live up to the expectations I formed from Classic Burger’s Facebook page. “Welcome to America,” remarked my husband. “Whoa,” was about all I managed to say. The floor plan and the decor, including some artwork featuring iconic American images, made me feel like I was in a casual restaurant in upscale, suburban America — definitely not just blocks away from Place de l’Independence.

Being a burger guy, my husband ordered a double cheeseburger, but I’m sure a single would have satisfied him. The burgers were thick (maybe an inch per patty), juicy and very American — no eggs or fries on top. One member of our group said his burger was the closest he’s tasted to an American burger in Dakar.

I ordered the chicken burger. Although basically a chicken patty with mayo and lettuce, it tasted better than the ones I remember from school lunches in the States. I liked it, but the next time we go, I’ll probably order chicken fingers. As soon as I saw them on my friend’s tray, I wished I had chosen those. They were made of white-meat chicken, breaded and fried to a lovely golden brown.

What didn’t we order? Fish and hot dogs. One of Classic Burger’s owners stopped by our table several times to chat. When we asked about the type of hotdogs they use, he went back into the freezer and brought out Hebrew National beef franks — the kind sold in some major league ballparks in the U.S.

If you’re worried your favorite American foods just won’t be the same without authentic condiments, don’t be. Bottles of American, name-brand ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, sweet relish, hot sauce and barbecue sauce were placed on each table.

In addition to their sandwiches and fries, Classic Burger also offers smooth, soft-serve ice cream. The owner brought us samples with chocolate, strawberry and caramel toppings, all delicious.

Classic Burger has great food and offers a very authentic, American restaurant experience. My husband and I loved it. We’ll go back, my husband might order a single cheeseburger, and I’ll definitely try out the chicken fingers.


Thanks to Jennifer for the review! Have you had a memorable food experience in Dakar recently? Share it with us!



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