Milmaïs Christmas bread is here!


Jingle bells, fresh bread smells… Christmas in Dakar!

Just in time for all your holiday parties, brunches, events and munching, Milmaïs is offering a special Christmas pumpkin-raisin bread spiced with cinnamon. These lightly sweet, soft loaves are 1000cfa each. (And they freeze/reheat beautifully, so stock up!)

So now you’re hungry, right? You’re in luck! Milmaïs bakery is up and running – and they deliver anywhere in Dakar. You can download the Milmaïs menu here or browse below. For those looking for low-gluten breads, their menu is a gold mine.

photo 4

Milmaïs products are 100% natural, without additives, coloring or preservatives.

Orders are delivered on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Phone: 76 680 8528

photo 2

Breakfast delights
– Ditax milk bread 900F
– Naajo (pumpkin) milk bread 800F (My husband’s favorite!)
– Sideem (jujube) milk bread 800F
– Pataas (sweet potato) milk bread 700F

Breads with local nuts
– Sipo (corn & sorghum) bread with Cayor nuts 1.000F
– Caaf (millet) bread – roasted nuts 700F
– Aareen (corn) bread – peanuts 700F (My son’s favorite!)

Health and well-being products
– Bran bread fonio & nebedaay (moringa) 500F
– Whole sanxal bread 700F
– Bran bread with millet, corn or fonio 700F
– Whole red sorghum bread 700F (I love this one!)

Tasting tray/gift
Selection of 10 breads 5,000F

photo 3


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