Eco Market in Ngor Virage

Trying out the Eco Market in Virage. Highlights so far: Cheddar at a decent price, Canadian bacon that looks good, my favorite brand of frozen spinach and chilled coconut water. 💦

Thanks to Nathalie of Une Vie en Afrique for the tip to check out this supermarket! Small, but very clean, good prices and some surprising finds. Worth a detour while you’re at the new ATAC at Virage.

Eco Market is next door to Le Gac butcher shop, just off the Ngor Virage roundabout.


One comment

  1. This is also a good place for feta and phyllo for making spanakopita, which is otherwise impossible to find anywhere else. They don’t always have it but they usually do. I have tried the frozen ground beef once or twice, and it was pretty good.

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