NEW: Carimoux


I first learned of Carimoux in a very unusual way. We were on our way back to Dakar from Saly when about 25 nice motorcycles zoomed past us, much to my three-year-old son’s delight. Later that evening as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I saw a picture of the same motorcyclists (or ‘motards’ as the French say) at a cute little coffee shop kind of place. A little Internet research led me to find the newly opened Carimoux on rue Galande Diouf, right near Bio 24.


If you know that area, you’ll appreciate the escape that Carimoux gives you. 🙂 Inside are high ceilings with good lighting and on a terrace shaded by leafy vines. It’s very clean and smells like good coffee and waffles. Plus the entire menu is in English. Sold!


Carimoux has been open for about three months and are a legit coffee shop (with wifi, y’all) that actually differentiates between a latte and a cappuccino – and nails the coffee service. The menu includes some great breakfast treats like waffles with bananas and Nutella, crepes with (halal) ham and cheese, double chocolate muffins and assorted pastries. You can download the full menu here.


Despite the fact that we were there before noon, I can happily attest to the deliciousness of their frozen yogurt. Creamy, rich and wonderful. Go for the yaourt glacĂ© with fruit (mango, berries and more). Make it a large for 4000cfa and share with a friend… or two.


Their lunch menu has salads, sandwiches and also hot options as well like quiches, gratins and pastas. Based on the breakfast we had, I would totally go back for lunch and top it off with one of their ice cream desserts.

(On a related note, I will no longer dread visits to Bio 24!)

4 rue Galande Diouf
Tel: 77 261 3636 (Nicole speaks English!)

Find them on Facebook.

Open 7:30 am to midnight.



  1. […] Carimoux (home of the best Nutella waffles in Dakar) is offering a special Ramadan Menu Formula: a salad, soup, and main course with tea or water for 6500 CFA. They have also prepared a special Ashta ice cream, which I’ve Googled and sounds incredible. […]

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