La Piazzola earning bonus points!


It’s sad how long it took me to start using HelloFood to place orders for delivery, and even sadder how long it took me to try La Piazzola, which is in my own neighborhood! But now that I’ve made the connection, a quick and tasty pizza is just a (dangerously easy) few clicks away.

Here are five reasons La Piazzola is earning bonus points in my book:

1. They let me know about their special offers once a week by text message. Just enough to keep me thinking of them, not so often that it gets annoying.

2. They actually have a buy ten, get one free card for frequent customers!!

3. With each delivery they include a copy of their menu (seems so obvious, but I’m always amazed by how many restaurants that deliver don’t have copies of their menu available) and they send packets of Hot Pizz spicy oil. Yum.

4. They offer a choice of pork ham or beef ham. And you can specify which one you want, even when ordering on HelloFood.

5. They write the current specials on the pizza box in lovely Italian handwriting… or so I assume.



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