Dior Diarama, we love you!

Post and photos courtesy of Becky!

Dior Diarama on the VDN is a fave of many Americans in Senegal willing to spend a couple bucks in search of comforts from home. Nice to know those comforts just got a little more comfy. A new shipment of products reveals a new array of snack food, cereals, and kitchen staples!

Reeses, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Junior Mints, Pay Day, Sour Patch Kids and 4 varieties of Skittles among new candy selection.

Cinnamon and plain Mott’s applesauce!

Nutri-grain bars!

Snack crackers, Combos, Chewy Granola bars, and more…

Individual portions of Goldfish crackers, Cheez-Its, Chex Mix, White Cheddar Popcorn

Another shipment due to be in next week has even more new items including Folgers coffee and a rumored product from Starbucks!

Where is Dior Diarama?

There are two DD locations on the VDN. Most people go to the ‘original’ one, so I’ll try to point you that way.

Take the VDN heading away from the airport road and towards downtown. Take the first exit on your right, which is just after the walking bridge. You’ll turn off at the Shell station, across from the Foire (FIDAK/CICES). Take the frontage road to your right about 100 m or so, heading back in the the direction you came.

Look for big US and Senegal flags out front. That’s it!

The second location is further down the VDN (also has the two flags out front).


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  1. I did not know there were two locations. Interesting! Will have to check that out. Have you been to the restaurant supply store on the VDN that has lots of imported products in large sizes? I don’t remember if you blogged about it or not. We got a large can of baked beans and one of cream of mushroom soup. Almost all American products.

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