The best ice cream in Dakar?



Last night we (finally!) made it to Gusto’s in Almadies. We’d been hearing about their amazing ice cream and were looking forward to finding a fix that doesn’t require going downtown to N’Ice Cream.

Oh. We found it alright.

Despite the horrible, horrible power cuts in Almadies, Gusto’s was still going strong. So we sat on the terrace, serenaded by the beastly generator, and enjoyed scoops of dark chocolate and coconut ice cream and lime and strawberry sorbet.

All were amazing and totally lived up the hype and price of 1,800 cfa for two pretty big scoops. We hear the coffee ice cream is the best, but they didn’t have any last night.

Darn. We’ll have to go back…

Gusto Almadies
Open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am to 8pm and Sunday from 9.30am to 1.30pm

Take the road out to Le Méridien in Almadies. Turn right just after Le Lodge restaurant. Gusto’s is just ahead on your left, next to the pharmacy.


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