Arc-en-ciel restaurant – CLOSED

Many things have changed in the five years since we left Dakar. For example, many of the restaurants we enjoyed have either relocated or gone out of business. And you know me – it’s all about good food. So yesterday we set out to find an old haunt of ours: Arc-en-ciel.

Menu on the wall at Arc-en-ciel restaurant

After a taxi ride to Ouakam, we walked around a bit before finding Arc-en-ciel, a very typical Dakar resto. They serve pizzas, hamburgers, sanwiches, falafel, and our favorite: chawarmas (Lebanese wrap sandwiches). Two chawarma viande, a barquette de frites (order of fries), a Coke and a Fanta Orange later… we were two very happy toubabs.

Grilled meat for the chawarmas

Point E, Fann, Mermoz, Ouakam
Route de Ouakam, Sotrac Mermoz
Tel. : 33 860 8923 (They deliver.)

What'll ya have?

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