What is Dakar Eats?

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All things food & foodie in Dakar!

Updated restaurant news and reviews from Dakar, Senegal, written from an American perspective.

Also find your favorite grocery items, what’s new on the shelves or what you can substitute. A good starting place: This list of common (or not-so-common!) grocery items that the expat community often looks for may keep you sane as you transition and settle into life in Dakar.

Kari Masson started writing Dakar Eats in 2011 and continues to enjoy the excuse to eat her way up, down and around town.


  1. I would discover this site when summer is over and I’m back in the U.S. I was craving a few a few stuff from the US and had no idea where to get them. I now know for next time.

  2. Hi,
    I wanted to share info about a new butcher shop that opened a week ago on the Corniche, next to Obala. I stopped in yesterday and was impressed with the cleanliness, excellent service and products. Nestle is their distributor and they have fresh and frozen food (fruit, desserts, including chocolate chip cookies & cheesecake, lasagna, ravioli, torteloni) as well as meat. Prices were reasonable. Mary Crystal speaks English. Check out Vivenda, 25, Rue Saint John Perse Fann 221-78 153 6573. Thanks for sharing this new find with your readers. Pam

  3. Great site, but makes me jealous – down here in Abene, Casamance, food is great but limited…sometimes we can go a week without any fish in the village.

  4. So glad I found this wonderful site. I am just hoping this is still active! If so, can someone tell if and where I could purchase some organic sauerkraut in Dakar? (I am a fermented foods nuts…….).

  5. We are coming to Dakar 6 Nov (in a few days), and this site is very helpful!
    Nice work, “y’all”! Off to see the 2016 List for the latest & greatest…..

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