Bayékou, and their fish tacos!

It seems backwards at first, but some of my favorite places in Dakar aren’t frequently posted on Dakar Eats. It’s not that I want to keep them secret! But capturing how much I love some of these spots is just hard to do.

(Speaking of capturing, it’s a horrible injustice to write about Bayékou and not show photos of the beautiful restaurant and its view. Baaleen ma. But we arrived in the evening after sunset so… next time.)

Bayékou, sitting up above Ngor plage, is one of these. Since it opened in 2014, it’s been a reliably delicious and beautiful choice for lunch or dinner. Their newly expanded menu with grilled fish tacos is just one more reason to love them.

Recently we went with a group of eight, some of whom had been before and some of whom had never tried it. The Tahitian ceviche and the quesadillas with guacamole and sour cream were very good, but the grilled fish tacos were the real stars.

Served in a carved long wooden branch, they were so freshly made that the fish was still sizzling in its little cabbage nest in the tortilla. Americans, take note: these are not Baja tacos like you may be used to. But they were well spiced and flavorful, easy to manage without falling apart and absolutely delish. Even the Californians at our table gave them two thumbs up. (Also must give honorable mention to the Aperol spritz and Prosecco!)

Above the parking lot at Ngor Beach
Find them on Facebook.
Tel: 77 681 3888


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