Review: Djinkoumé House

Guest post and photos by Stan W.

When Dakar Eats asked me if I would review a Togolese/Ivorian Restaurant, Djinkoumé House, I was all in! Having spent nearly six years of my life in Côte d’Ivoire, the thought of Ivorian sauces on attiéké and foutou was a pleasant one. But, in all fairness, this was to be a review of Ivorian AND Togolese food. We went with another couple and made sure we ordered some of both nationality’s plates.

Franck welcomed us upon arrival. An incredibly kind man, Franck explained to us a bit about how he served in the French armed forces volunteering early on to work as a chef. After concluding in the service, he went on to study the culinary arts. His desire is that your experience at Djinkoumé House be more than just another plate. He really wants you to enjoy the flavors of his meals.


And the food really delivered! We called our requests in ahead of time and ordered the following:
– Kédjénou pintade avec attiéké
– Sauce graine avec foutou igname
– Porc braisé avec alloco
– Djinkoumé pintade
Note: They also have vegan/ vegetarian options available.

Franck’s desire was to make the atmosphere of his restaurant more of an open-air maquis. It is located in the back yard of his home and can seat up to 25 people.

Though the Djinkoumé House is located on Google Maps, it will lead you astray. I would recommend you use this Dropped pin instead. Djinkoumé House is located in Sicap Liberté 6, directly behind the Planete Delice close to RMS Sports.

Remember, you are looking for a house! When you see the orange doors, you have found it! There is parking out front along the street. If you can’t find it, give Franck a call: 77-479-8189





  1. Thank you! We look forward to meeting Franck & trying his delicious food! I don’t see a dropped pin in this post. I probably just missed it but please send it again or let me know how I can find the pin.
    Thank you!

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