Maë Land (organic!) Farms

We all know how much I love delivery services in Dakar, and how much I love vegetables. (Organic vegetables, when possible!) So I was so excited to hear about Maë Land Farms currently working out details for their organic produce to be delivered through a reputable service!

They are growing cucumbers, zucchini, onions, potatoes and green peppers, and plan on introducing tomatoes, spinach and other greens during the next planting phase. Their goal is to provide a quality farm to table service to their clients, promote the benefits of organic eating and also partner with restaurants who would be interested in using organic produce in their kitchens. (You hear that, chefs?)

What’s not to love? And their crunchy, vine-ripened cucumbers were delicious in marinated salads or with a little bowl of Ranch dressing, made with Club Kossam creme fraiche. #teamwork

Look for Maë Land Farms at the Dakar Farmers Market on Saturday, December 8th!

Maë Land Farms
Find them on Facebook.
Tel: 77 094 23 85 (English or French)


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