Dear Santa…

Dear Santa

I have been insanely good this year. Please bring me the following to Dakar:

– A taco truck. A good one.

– Mawa’s Taste of America Restaurant on a beach road location.

– Fresh coconut delivery that I can order online or via WhatsApp. (Metal straws, please.)

– Biscuits & gravy at Poprox Cafe.

– Fish & Chips! It was so amazing to have Grace in Dakar and she left way too soon. 😭

– Organic veggies that are easy to order and delivered reliably.

– More ways to buy The Beer-Sheba Project meats.

– Fritos at the American Food Store.

Thank you, Santa. I was so good, you should probably also bring my friends whatever they ask for in the comments below.

Love, Me


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