Sick day foods in Dakar

It’s no fun being sick. It’s even harder when you’re away from the comforts and comfort foods of home. In my 10 years in Dakar, I have figured out some things that work for our family when the various plagues make their rounds.

My number one weapon in the arsenal is BeerSheba bone broth for both colds or stomach bugs. I realize this one is a bit unfair since it’s not readily available on the market yet (#connections), but hopefully this will prompt you to buy it as soon as it becomes available. (Shoot them a message on Facebook if you’re interested now.) It’s highly concentrated and full of nutrients that boost your immune system. Plus it’s soothing on sore throats and sensitive tummies.

I also keep some ginger pastilles on hand. They are available in many supermarkets and made locally. Lightly sweetened and dried, these little slivers keep well and are good for nausea as well as colds. (And according to the label, they are also good for other um, uh weaknesses…)

For colds, Casamance honey + limes pack a powerful punch. Marie’s Kitchen has wonderful raw honey available from Mme Diatta for delivery. Tel: 772642987

Bissap is very high in antioxidants, but just be aware of how much sugar is used to make the drink. When we’re sick, I dilute it heavily with water to help keep hydrated. You can order it from Diami Delivers and know that it is made with filtered water, cleaned bissap flowers and mint leaves and less sugar than many recipes. I order 4 bottles each month and freeze them until ready to drink. Tel: 775365405

Diami also makes bouye, the drink made from Baobab fruit which is very high in vitamin C.

Since you never know when a bug will hit, I keep a couple small bottles of Sprite and packets of crackers in the pantry that are on reserve for sick days. I also try to always have bananas and Veronique’s all-peanut butter stocked as well since that combo works for a quick bite when I don’t feel well enough to actually cook yet.

So far the only food I have found on Jumia that sounded good when I was sick and totally delivered (pun intended) was Francesca’s mushroom risotto. It was perfectly comforting. (I am sure there are other soups and such that can be delivered, so am counting on you to let me know about them!)

Get well soon, Dakar!


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