NEW: Le Cabanon


I have to admit, it’s a little impossible to keep up with all the new restaurants popping up and getting makeovers on the Petite Corniche / beach road in Almadies. But (wipes her brow), I am doing my best to try them all and keep you posted. #truesacrifice #someonehastodoit

Most recently I went to lunch at the recently opened Le Cabanon, located after Cabane du Surfeur (undergoing renovations) and Jet Café (just opened as well) but before Sharky’s. If you’ve seen photos or driven past, it’s stating the obvious to say this place is beautiful and beautifully decorated.


After I spent a good ten minutes taking in the surroundings and decor, I zoomed in on the menu. At first glance, it’s not a very large menu and a bit pricier than some other restaurants along the strip. Not a problem, there’s room for all kinds of restaurants. But I did wonder if the food would be worth the price difference.

I settled on the 7500 CFA entrée + plat du jour, which meant a watermelon & mozzarella salad with smoked olive oil followed by beef cannelloni in béchamel with an orange curry reduction. In the end, and based on reactions from the table, I would say the menu prices reflect the quality. Truly a culinary step above the beach shacks, which I do love dearly and have a special place in my heart and stomach!


And I do have to mention that they have a little sandy beach area just for the kiddos, as well as adorable little kiddie tables. So it is on the family friendlier side.

Le Cabanon
Find them on Facebook here.
Tel: 33 820 43 00


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