9 things to know about Seoul 2


1. It’s not Korean food. It’s grilled ‘dibiterie‘ done exceptionally well.

2. It’s located in Sicap Karakh, right here: When you get to the basketball court, it’s right near there, just down a little side street. Look for the green Beaufort beer sign.

3. The restaurant is open air (not to be confused with ‘breezy’) and perfectly comfortable in cool season, but don’t forget to douse in mosquito spray before you leave the house. If there’s a soccer match on (where there always seems to be), it will be packed and friendly.

4. Don’t just show up. Order a few hours in advance. You can do this easily by phone.

5. About the food… The grilled pork is fantastic. An order is 500g and the pieces/chops are small, so easy to share. They make my favorite grilled whole fish in town – I don’t like to share. 🙂 Also love their marinated grilled 1/2 chickens with just the right amount of spicy kick. The beef brochettes come two to an order are very good, but you can get good ones elsewhere too. For me the chicken, pork and fish are the real Seoul 2 stars.

6. Let’s talk sides. Aloco (fried plantains) and attieke are all you need to know. The portions aren’t huge and prices are good, so double up!

7. This place is popular and stays full from 7pm on. You’ll probably be sharing a table with some new acquaintances and bump into people you know before the night is over.

8. The lighting makes taking appealing photos nearly impossible. Just trust us – it’s delicious.

9. I repeat: don’t just show up. Order a few hours in advance. You can do this easily by phone.


Seoul 2
Sicap Karakh
Tel: 338685362 or 775797807


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