Still big fans of Francesca’s

This is the third time Francesca’s in Ngor will have appeared on Dakar Eats. And for very, very good reasons. The first article was about a year ago when Becky Hughes wanted to write about her favorite Dakar resto (here’s the a review). Her article was actually the first time I’d ever heard of this little restaurant, and six months later, I got around to ordering pizza from Francesca’s for delivery (read about it here) and immediately understood why Becky loved it.

Six months later, we are still very devoted fans of Francesca’s pizzas and order almost every week. They are not always speedy, but always, always amazing. And priced at around 5000 CFA each, they are truly unbeatable.

We finally made it dinner at Francesca’s restaurant, located behind Philip Morris in Ngor. From the process to the pasta trofie to the tiramisu, everything we ordered was delicious.

Francesca’s Restaurant
Tel: 77 844 05 79
Find them on Facebook here.


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