5 reasons to visit Sucré Salé

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Take an evening drive through Ngor and a laughing, chattering group along Route de l’Aeroport is sure to catch your eye. They’re the loyal following of customers lining up for delicious treats at Sucré Salé.

Owners and visionaries Sada Sall and Samba Ly opened the snack shop in April 2017. Finding inspiration in Sada’s international travels, the two have crafted a menu that, like its name implies, features a variety of both sweet and salty items.

If you haven’t already, here are 5 reasons why you should visit Sucré Salé.


The Crêpes
After living in France, Sada returned to Senegal with a goal: create proper crêpes for the people of Dakar. Sucré Salé generously stuffs their crisp, golden crêpes with cheeses, meats and a variety of vegetables.

Select your favorite crêpe from their featured ten, or go rogue and create your own with customized ingredients. Our pick: the chicken crêpe, featuring melted cheese, roasted potatoes and seasoned chicken breast.

Not in the mood for savory? They also offer sweet crêpes.


The Bubble Waffle
Sucré Salé gives a whole new meaning to waffle cone with their Bubble Waffle. Similar to Hong Kong’s egg waffle, the Bubble Waffle is a spherical waffle, prepared with a sweet batter. Choose an ice cream flavor, then top it with fresh fruits, crushed candies, sprinkles and whipped cream. We tried the Coco-Nut, featuring Nutella, coconut ice cream and chocolate sauce. It didn’t disappoint.


Rolled Ice Cream
Sada first discovered ice rolls on a trip to Thailand. Next to his hotel, there was a man making the rolls. Sada watched the man pour sweetened milk on an iced pan and swirl it around before scraping it into perfectly carved swirls. He knew he wanted to bring the innovative dish to Senegal.

Earlier this year, Sucré Salé acquired their own ice pan and introduced rolled ice cream to the menu. Mix fruits, chocolates, candies and more into your own medley of flavors.

“Your limit is your imagination,” said Sada. “You can use anything on the machine to make ice rolls—even coca-cola.”


Commitment to excellence
The snack shop prides itself on its commitment to source the best ingredients. Sada says that while other restaurants try to maximize profits by using inferior products, Sucré Salé only offers good quality and quantity. After trying their dishes, we couldn’t agree more! Large delicious portions left us full and happy.

Customer feedback is also valued at Sucré Salé. While the menu is set, adjustments are made based on customer reviews.


It’s a fun place to be
Bottom line—it’s a fun place to meet with friends or bring family. So fun in fact, that the snack shop plans to open a second location to accommodate more customers. The location has yet to be determined, but Sada and Samba hope to open its doors within the next three months.

Sucré Salé highlights to takeaway:
√ Every item on the menu is customizable
√ Servers are fairly English-friendly (in case your French isn’t great)
√ Outdoor seating only
√ Portion sizes are large
√ Delivery through Jumia


Sucré Salé
Stade Olympique Ngor, magasin n°18
Across from Bank of Africa


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  1. Enjoy your blog so much. Came across this new eatery in town, it’s right across from Eglise Sacre Coeur Malenfant and steps from Place de l’independance, the private university UCAO, and various businesses. Found the concept so original and the offerings tasty sounding — a good alternative to the typical fast food…lighting good, clean….check it out if you haven’t already– it’s new to me. Found out after I’d ordered the lunch only special Riz Catonais that the noodles are homemade. I have no personal stake in this place…just thought to share it with you. Regards, WilmaJean

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