9 go-to recipes in my Dakar kitchen


These are bookmarked on my phone. If they were in an actual cookbook, the pages would be stained and smudged with love.

White bean chicken chili, a recipe I got from my friend Jeana. The whole family loves it and I make Jiffy mix cornbread muffins from the American Food Store to go with it.

Emergency milkshake. More of a hot season thing, but one you’ll want to know. We like vanilla or mint best.

Poulet Kedjenou. A chicken stew from Côte d’Ivoire that takes next to no time to prep, then simmers. Serve over attieke, fonio, quinoa, couscous or rice. Make it mild as a comfort food or spicy as heaven.

Vegan black bean brownies, a recipe I snagged from Mai-Anh’s IG. I add 1 Tbsp Veronique’s all-peanut butter and they are a hit with the kids for after-school snacks. Also good with my afternoon coffee.

Cilantro-lime tartar sauce. Makes fantastic fish tacos with filet de lotte, some shredded cabbage, chopped tomato / onion / mango-if-you-have-it and wrapped in pita bread.

Vanilla pudding from scratch. Dangerous stuff. I made this almost daily when I was pregnant. 😂

Chickpea pasta, 100x better tasting than it sounds. Lauren got me hooked on this one and I make it as is or add in leftover sausage, veggies, etc… if I feel like it.

Oil biscuits. Because I am Southern but have no patience for cutting butter into flour. Extra delicious with Zena Mango jam.

Cheesecake Dakarois. Enough said.


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